Eco-DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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  DESCRIPTION Eco-DEF is a high quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid designed to work in a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce harmful Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) to Nitrogen, Water vapor and Carbon Dioxide. The use of Eco-DEF in a SCR…Read More

X4 Premium Diesel Fuel Additive


Diesel fuels produced today have low quality additive packages added to meet minimum EPA refinement standards. These fuels, when refined, test to “minimum spec” but by the time they transfer through multiple tanks and to final distribution, are usually out…Read More

FMZ: The Ultimate Fuel MaximiZer


Load Based Economy Control technology eliminates inefficient driving with the Fuel MaximiZer (FMZ). The FMZ effectively manages the available engine power according to the weight load transported by the tractor in order to obtain maximum fuel economy. The FMZ has…Read More

Fuel Additive Injection Systems

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Proprietary flow control technology minimizes messy calibrations and ensures accurate diesel fuel additive dispensing every time. The systems are designed to require no maintenance beyond the filling of fuel additives. They are designed to accept fuel level data from a…Read More