FMZ: The Ultimate Fuel MaximiZer

Load Based Economy Control technology eliminates inefficient driving with the Fuel MaximiZer (FMZ). The FMZ effectively manages the available engine power according to the weight load transported by the tractor in order to obtain maximum fuel economy. The FMZ has fully adjustable level settings, which are controlled by management, to restrict aggressive driving. This ensures the driver will always have the power needed without wasting fuel.

A cost effective way to go green, while generating savings related to the reduction of fuel consumption, lowered emissions, and repair and maintenance cost.

The FMZ does not void any manufacturer warranties and with over 2 years of testing, and 2,000 units on the road we have experienced zero downtime. You can now computer control your entire fleet to be driven as efficiently as possible, reducing emissions and fuel consumption up to 15%. Benefit from improved fuel economy and significantly reduce maintenance costs from premature tire and drive train wear. The FMZ is the perfect solution for getting the maximum efficiency and longevity out of both hybrid and non-hybrid tractors. Stop retraining inefficient drivers, simply restrain them.

The FMZ installs in as little as two hours. The supplied wire harnesses simply connects between the vehicles Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) then utilizing either a connection to the vehicles pneumatic suspension or a load sensor, when on mechanical suspension, it reads the weight of the load.



• Works with all US class 7 and 8 truck and bus applications
• Over 2,000 units sold and more than three years in real-time operation with 0 downtime
• Reduces fuel consumption, premature tire wear and quick accelerations
• Adjusts the engine power automatically to the load carried by the vehicle
• Eliminates aggressive driving
• No intervention or knowledge of the driver
• No need to retrain inefficient driving behavior, with the FMZ simply restrain them
• The driver always gets the power needed, without wasting fuel
• Primarily in intra-city and short-haul operations
• Easy installation, no permanent modifications
• Built to withstand tough transportation demands
• Autonomous unit with no driver training required
• Includes a two year warranty
“ENERGOTEST™” 2010, it’s official,
the FMZ demonstrates an improvement of more than 5% of fuel consumption
based on TMC/SAE J1321-Type II testing procedure for in-city operation”

Agropur, a 3.4 billion dollar multi-national dairy transport company outfits their fleet, after realizing fuel efficiency of as much as 12% in testing from 2008 to 2009.